Natural Label

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Every year, U.S. landfill are stuffed with 4 million tons of clothing. That equates to the average American depositing 67.9 pounds each, and about 95 percent of this clothing we throw out is recyclable. And we aren't anywhere near in reducing the black hole we call our closets -- Walmart sells about 19,634 pairs of shoes in an hour (Michelle Lee, Fashion Victim, 2003).

Have I got your consumer attention? Welcome to Natural Label, where the issues and articles are about obtaining style while attempting to keep a global vision in mind. Natural Label is for fashionistas and environmentalists alike, designed to educate one another about the finer points of style and saving (both economically and earth-wise). Here at Natural Label we figure all of us need to wear clothes, so let's look good and feel good about what we buy, wear, discard and keep.

Keeping abreast of the information larger publications such as Organic Style and Natural Health cover, Natural Label will be an assortment of timely facts, people, product and places profiles, and cutting edge style news. Expect debates about the pros and cons of cutting up vintage to create anew items, and interviews with professional Street Anthropologists whose job is to study what clothing items are coming up hot in the city blocks.

So what is Natural Label uncovering at the moment? Currently, Natural Label is hot on the trail of finding out what happened to 80s clothing millionaire mogals Doug and Suzie Tompkins, former owners (and former husband and wife) of Esprit de Corps. And when we say 'hot on the trail' we mean a writer will be traveling from Suzie's Bolinas bungalo on the Northern coast of California to the Pumalin Preserve in Chile, South America where Doug invested his talents (and fortune) into ecowarrior ideals by purchasing his own reserve. He's gotten deep, real deep so check out And where-o-where-o-where is socialite Suzie? Way down yonder in the pachuccli patch at the hippie coastal town infamous for ripping down any sign that point tourists to their surf town. So stay posted for the blogs: "What Happened to the Esprit (Spirit)?" A story worth finding more about, for sure.

Thanks again for trying on Natural Label! We hope it fits you well. And we'd love to hear your ideas (and what's in your closet) as well!